The art of learning

The fascination and satisfaction that comes with on-going learning cannot be understated. Every adults ultimate dream is to try to capture that that blew away with the youthful wind. With the acquisition of wisdom, experience, new approaches, new technology, mature attitudes and much more, comes unstoppable possibilities.

I have taken on a new journey with this unit of study. I was at the crossroads, hesitating to delve into the mysterious dark crevices of the technology underworld. Surprisingly enough, its once we allow the impossible to be explored that we come to discover unimaginable possibilities that we might otherwise have missed.

We are living in a technological paradigm in this global village, lets embrace the art of learning by exploring the vast resources, tools and plethora of knowledge and skills awaiting us in order that we can carry that on to the future generations as facilitators.

I truly was afraid of exploring technology, assuming it only belongs to the younger generation but used wisely, it is to be embraced. I have created my first blog page, welcome to my world and feel free to comment.

Lauretta Evans